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Shed some light on the fantastic Adobe Lightroom 5 software package, and take a crash course on its features with us. You’ll become a whizz at editing your photos using this fantastic piece of kit, which can be used to create fantastic effects and touch-ups with ease.

Finish Photos Expertly

Taking a simple photograph can sometimes lack that extra special touch, but with careful editing, any picture can pop. Any professional photographer will agree that taking an expertly framed and focussed photograph is half the job – it’s the post-production workflow, using editing software like Adobe Lightroom, that helps to finish every photograph with precision and clarity. Sign up to this course and you will be able to master some of the basic techniques and features that Adobe Lightroom provides, and continue on your creative journey into the world of photography.

Five Exclusive Modules

Whether your passion for photography stays at pastime level, or you wish to develop your abilities to become a professional photographer in the future, understanding photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom is crucial if you wish to have fabulous photos every time. Reach your full potential by signing up to this course today, work your way through the five modules and you can add photo editing to your skill set.

Key Learning Points

This course would be perfect for any hobby photographer or budding professional who would like to learn more about how to edit their photographs using one of the best pieces of software in the industry. It introduces students to some of the program’s basic features, and so previous experience isn’t essential.

  • Learn how to download a free trial copy of the Adobe Lightroom software, with a helpful step-by-step guide.
  • Explore the layout of the program and get to grips with the various elements.
  • Learn how to import and organise photographs for future editing, and touch on the various tools that Lightroom offers.
  • Gain insight into some of the essential tools and features that Lightroom offers, including red eye removal, spot removal filters, radial and graduated filters, the adjustment brush and correcting perspective using the upright tool.
  • Learn how to add a watermark to a photograph.
  • Enjoy bonus lessons that can also be found in the ‘Art of Travel Photography’ course, which introduce you to editing exposure, white balance and flash photos, as well as how to crop photos, editing sunsets and silhouettes and playing with saturation techniques.

Advantages of this course

  • Work your way through the modules at your own pace, thanks to the online delivery. Material is available around the clock, meaning you can enjoy convenient and flexible study.
  • No need to buy the Lightroom software – the course includes a guide which will help every student to download and use a free trial copy.
  • Versatile course provides you with essential tips and techniques, regardless of which Lightroom you have – 3, 4 or 5!
  • Learn from the best with our expert-led video tutorials.
  • Verifiable certificate provided upon completion of the course.
  • Downloadable lessons, so that you can learn on the go – even without an internet connection!
  • Bring your photos to the next level, with photo editing abilities that will ensure every picture looks its best.

A picture paints a thousand words – sign up to this course, and your pictures will be telling the world that you know exactly what you’re doing with Lightroom!

Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Course
  • Get a FREE trial of Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom Basics
  • Lightroom – Program Layout
  • Importing Photos and Organization
  • Lightroom Tools – The Run Down I
  • Lightroom Tools – The Run Down II
  • Lightroom Tools – The Run Down III
  • Basic Photo Editing Principals
  • Saving/Exporting Photographs
Advanced Lightroom Technique
  • Spot Removal Filter & Red Eye Removal
  • Radial Filter & Graduated Filter
  • Adjustment Brush
  • Correcting Perspective with Upright Tool
  • Adding a Watermark to your Photos
  • Lightroom Tip: View Photos in Full Screen
Course Wrap-Up
  • Thank You
BONUS: Lightroom Lessons from The Art of Travel Photography Course
  • Editing Exposure
  • Editing White Balance
  • Editing a Flash Photo
  • Cropping Photos
  • Silhouettes in Lightroom
  • Editing Sunsets
  • Working with Landscapes
  • Playing with Saturation
  • More Lightroom Practice

Additional information

Exams Included


Course Type

Online Course

Expiry Date After Purchase

1 year

Device Processor

1 gigahertz (GHz)

RAM Required

1 GB

Operating System

iOS, Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6 or above


Android, iPad, Mac, Windows

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