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The beautiful language of Chibemba, also known as the Bemba language, is one of the eight official languages spoken in Zambia.

More about Chibemba

This agglutinative tonal language depends on two basic tones: high and low. It includes a variety of closely related dialects such as, Aushi, Bisa, Chishinga, Kinda, Lala, Lamba, Luunda and Tabwa. Each dialect exhibits minor differences in pronunciation and phonology, and very minor differences in morphology and vocabulary. The language is spelt in the Roman alphabet.

Modern Bemba has a number of loan words from many languages, most prominently Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, English, Afrikaans and Zulu, reflecting the very dynamic language situation over the past couple of centuries, mainly due to the political and economic history of the region.


This rewarding course will provide you with fundamental skills to be able to confidently interact in this exclusive language.

  • You will discover keywords and phrases, which will play to your learning interests and give you further scope and confidence in speaking the language
  • You will recognise the alphabet and the tones in Bemba and be able to use the numbers 1-20
  • Meet and greet people with a general introduction using simple greetings
  • Enjoy using colours and implementing them as descriptive words them in conversations
  • Gain an understanding of the days of the week and be able to ask and tell the time
  • Confidently talk about professions, various countries and the area in which you live
  • Exchange your phone number and contact details
  • Explore the local cuisine and discover what tempts your taste buds as well as talk about the food and drink of your country


  • Learning another language is a great supplement to any research and study you may require as part of your current education. You will have access to a greater range of information about your subject and be able to communicate with students and researchers from other countries.
  • You’ll have fun learning about a wide range of topics from shopping, to sport, to food and entertainment.
  • Foreign language study leads to an appreciation of cultural diversity and global awareness.
  • You will increase information exchange and flow of ideas with your new language skills.
  • Improve your powers of perception.

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