CIW Web Security Associate – Exam (1D0-571)

$ 631.13

CIW Web Security Associate – Exam (1D0-571)

$ 631.13

Adding an effective firewall to a business, and using encryption to keep data private, are just two ways in which you can boost the security of a business.

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In an age where the majority of businesses operate online (in part or in full), it’s imperative that they can all enjoy the peace of mind that network security provides. This is where a security associate can come into play. By completing this examination, students can prove their abilities in the field and be able to provide a solid, safe and secure service for their business, the business they work for or, if self-employed, their entire client base.

Staying Safe Online

Whether you look at it from a business’ viewpoint or that of the consumer, network security is essential. By having a high level of security in place, not only can you guarantee the safety of your databases and essential information, but you can also give your potential customers that peace of mind that they need to continue using your website.

Say Goodbye to Security Threats

Adding an effective firewall to a business, and using encryption to keep data private, are just two ways in which you can boost the security of a business. By the time you sit this exam, you will have worked through the Security Associate course and should be able to confidently work through this comprehensive assessment. Upon completion, you will have the expertise to fight any potential security threats, and you will have the certification to prove it.

Key learning points

Sitting this examination would be ideal for any individual working, or hoping to work, as part of a team that deals with network security. Whether that’s working in network support, as an IT technician, or otherwise, network security is crucial for a business and being adept at the subject area is a sought after skill.

To pass the exam, students should be able to demonstrate a range of skills and expertise, and should:

  • Understand the importance of network security, and what makes an effective policy, such as risk factors, what resources need to be secure and access control.
  • Appreciate various encryption methods that are used in internetworking.
  • Apply the universal principles of network security to create effective solutions.
  • Be able to identify various security threats and be able to apply security principles to combat them.
  • Understand the various firewall types and what they can be used for.
  • Use your firewall knowledge to plan a firewall system that includes multiple levels of protection, responses to security breaches and setting traps.

Advantages of this course

  • Sit the exam when you’re ready, from the comfort of your own home. Online delivery means there’s no need to find your local test centre – just log in and take the test once your revision is complete!
  • Software is compatible with a number of different devices, operating systems and browsers. There’s nothing stopping you from sitting this exam, now!
  • Prove your abilities in the field of network security, with certification that can be used as viable evidence.
  • Boost your confidence in the field, and be safe in the knowledge that you know what you’re doing.
  • Network security is essential for any online business or organisation – you could be the person to ensure a network is secure by becoming a security associate with the help of this exam!

Secure your future in the industry with a sound understanding of network security, and prove your expertise by signing up to sit the exam, today!



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