Coding for Kids – Learn to Code an Air Hockey Game (4 in 1 Bundle)


Coding for Kids – Learn to Code an Air Hockey Game (4 in 1 Bundle)


This 4 in 1 course package will help any children get ahead of their peers when it comes to building their coding and programming skillset.

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Schools in the UK, and all over the world, have started to integrate coding and programming into their curriculum to help children build skills of the future. These skills will help the children to open doors and opportunities in industries that interest them, and most will see as a hobby, making sure they their job turns into something they enjoy, producing a rewarding career.

This 4 in 1 course package will introduce kids to the three most important coding languages: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, helping them to form an understanding of the backbone of the internet. Programming is one of the most in-demand skills in the world right now and the demand will continue to grow as technology continues to develop new and exciting breakthroughs.

They will also learn how to build a popular air hockey game in the Unity game development platform, which will help to build their game and application development skills.

Why not get your kids started with this superb introduction to coding package, which can turn their hobby and fascination into a rewarding skillset and career.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Get an introduction to programming and programming language and how important it is
  • Cover the basics of coding languages covered in the course
  • Learn the various components of the HTML coding language
  • Make your website and webpages come alive and be aesthetically pleasing using CSS which will set the visual style of your user interfaces
  • Develop dynamic, interactive webpages and online programs using JavaScript
  • Build your skills, culminating in the final project of building a functional website

The coding languages listed above form the basis of pretty much everything we see on the internet, they’re known as the “web trifecta”. Giving your child those skills will give them a lot of things to learn, as well as giving them the skills to pursue web design or coding as a career.

  • Build an air hockey game in Unity from scratch
  • Learn the fundamentals of game design
  • Create artwork in Blender
  • Code in C#


  • No prior coding or digital art experience needed
  • Learn how to make an air hockey game in the popular Unity platform
  • Start to build your portfolio with real world apps to fuel the next step in your career
  • Project-based course, so you won’t learn irrelevant coding practices
  • 24/7 access to the course content for 12 months
  • Both tutors have extensive game design experience
  • Course materials have been developed to be immersive for children and adapt to their learning style.
  • Interactive and fun course keeps kids engaged as they learn to code.
  • Have the technical skills.
  • This course is taught by a highly-experienced trainer.
  • 24/7 access to the course content over 12 months.
  • Help kids to learn how to code and build webpages from an early age.


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