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Gain an invaluable understanding of industry best practice via a flexible and accessible learning solution for those who are involved with, or exposed to, work in confined spaces. Whether working in sewers, underground tunnels, drainage systems or manufacturing plants, a confined space presents far more risks and hazards than almost any other working environment. Therefore, it is vital that confined space workers are sufficiently trained and understand all the latest developments in health and safety legislation.

This Confined Space Awareness entry-level course provides the most up-to-date information on health and safety regulations to allow employees to reduce the risks associated with working in what is a potentially dangerous environment.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Discover how to implement health and safety best practices in the workplace in order to ensure the safety of anyone working in a confined space environment.
  • Gain understanding of fundamentals including, how hazards are controlled within a confined space as well as how air quality is maintained, and learn how to apply this knowledge in a practical and realistic way.
  • Learn how to identify potential risks and hazards, and gain knowledge of health and safety best practice that can be practically applied in a confined space working environment.

Industry Leaders

Delivered by experienced and professional industry specialists, the Confined Space Awareness course is essential for anyone who wants to improve their employment prospects and/or become more effective in their current role.

Key Learning Points

This course is an ideal training choice for employers, employees, managers, supervisors, or any authorised person who works in, or is exposed to, a confined space environment.

  • Gain an understanding of what constitutes a confined space, such as a sewer, storage vessel, underground tunnel or manufacturing plant.
  • Learn how to identify the potential hazards associated with working in a confined space.
  • Discover the term ‘specific risk’ and learn how it applies to the entry of confined spaces as well as working within them.
  • Learn to identify the main risks posed by working in confined spaces.
  • Develop knowledge of the framework for subsequent safe systems of work within confined spaces.
  • Learn how to implement the framework for subsequent safe systems of work in a practical way that can actually be applied in the workplace context.

The course allows students to:

  • Monitor progress: full access to exam scores throughout the course.
  • Access to an advanced Learning Management System, which is opitimised for use with the latest browsers and developed to provide a lean and succinct user experience.

By the end of this course, employees will be trained to the highest and safest possible standards in health & safety, allowing them to carry out their work in confined spaces with complete confidence. It’s specifically designed to benefit those looking to increase their skill-set and climb the next step up their chosen career ladder.

Advantages of this course

  • Introduces the fundamentals of Confined Space Awareness for employees who may be involved with, or exposed to, work in confined spaces.
  • Interesting and diverse multimedia content to fit any learning style, including interactive courseware, quizzes and videos that are used to demonstrate key learning points.
  • Flexible learning solution: choose the time, place & pace to suit individual needs and busy schedules.
  • Cost effective: save on costs for travel, accommodation & any time spent away from current employment.
  • Reassurance that by the end of the course, students will have gained the knowledge and understanding to apply what they have learnt in a workplace context.

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