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Unlock the door to career success with our comprehensive CV & Interview Skills package that will give you the inside track when it comes to the treble whammy of crafting a competition-beating CV, being prepared for even the toughest interview questions and mastering all the essential interview skills you’ll need to wow prospective employers and ultimately get that dream job. We’ll also make applying for jobs easy and stress free with our professionally designed choice of 7 CV and covering letter templates.

How Does The Course Work?

Our innovative online training is split into 3 interactive sections meaning you can focus on one area at a time at a pace that suits you. You get access to all three areas for the whole 12 month period you’re signed up for, giving you the flexibility to return to the material before interviews to polish up your skills and boost your confidence. Our practical, step-by-step approach means learning is easily absorbed and transferred to those all-important real world interview situations.

What Will I Get From It?

In a nutshell, confidence. All too often interview nerves are caused by worrries over whether your prospective employers will try and catch you out over that slightly grey area in your CV or bamboozle you with mind games and trick questions. The truth is most interviewers want to like you and wouldn’t be giving up their valuable time to meet with you unless they thought you were a serious contender for the job. That said, there are tricks and techniques that will help you smooth over tricky areas in your CV and remain professional and confident in even the toughest interview environment. Allow our experts to share their secrets so you can be sure of impressing at every stage of the job application process.

Key Learning Points

Master all three aspects of the interview process and score yourself that dream job.

  • In Top CV Secrets watch best-selling career authors and owners of leading CV writing services share their trade secrets about how to create a CV that will consistently find its way onto those all-important shortlists.
  • Use our 3 CV templates and aids and 4 covering letters to make sure you create the best possible first impression with prospective employers.
  • 207 Interview Techniques will guide you through the minefield that is the interview room. Learn to conquer nerves, regain confidence after setbacks such as redundancy and build a rapport with the person you want to impress.
  • It’s not just about your answers. Asking relevant, interesting questions of your potential employers makes you stand out from the crowd. Find out how to master this tricky skill.
  • In 135 Interview Answers watch some of the hardest interview questions being asked and answered. Our step-by-step guide means that questions such as ‘describe your personality,’ ‘what makes you different?’ and ‘why were you made redundant?’ will be transformed from queries that flummox you to opportunities to demonstrate your skill at dealing with awkward situations.
  • With speculative, same industry, reply to advert and recruitment agency ad covering letters, you’re covered when it comes to applying for the job, however it’s advertised.
  • Our 3 CV templates are comprised of basic profile, standard blank and an example.

Advantages of this course

  • Make it on to that all-important interview shortlist with your newfound CV knowhow.
  • Conquer interview nerves and handle even the trickiest questioning calmly and confidently.
  • Having your CV ready to send means you’ll be able to respond to job adverts immediately and effectively.
  • Impressing future employers with your interview skills will unlock the door to a fantastic new future.
  • Never let a fantastic opportunity slip through your fingers again due to nerves or silly mistakes.
  • Boost the number of job offers you receive and be in a great position to negotiate your package.
  • Mastering interview skills will improve your confidence in all areas of your life.
  • Test yourself with our multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks style questioning and practical show and ask training methods.
  • All materials are available for a period of one year – plenty of time to score that dream job!

Let our bestselling CV & Interview Skills package, described by the Daily Mail as ‘the perfect interview’, pave the way to your career success.

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  10. All our courses are accredited and designed by professionals in United Kingdom – They are all UK accredietd courses.


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