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Get that job with our easy to use package of CV and Covering Letter templates. Many people find job applications daunting, but this package of 7 downloadable word files will cut the confusion and make sure that you make a good first impression, whatever the industry, position or situation. For example, a speculative job application will have different requirements to applying for a specific position. Knowing the differences and being able to tailor your application is crucial and could be a deciding factor in your success.

Get a Head Start in the Jobs Market

This course will provide you with all the tools that you need to make your application stand out from the rest – a must in today’s competitive jobs market – at your fingertips. The downloadable templates are simple to use and can be easily edited to fit your requirements, giving you the confidence that your application is showing you in the very best light. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, knowing how to set out an impressive CV and covering letter, which relate your skills to the vacancy, will give you that all important head start.

Quick, Easy and Hassle-Free Job Applications

These templates can be used repetitively, giving you a useful resource for life. They’ll make preparing each job application a quick, easy and hassle-free process, ensuring professional results every time – whatever your level of computer proficiency. This job application toolkit is also a useful resource for providers of careers guidance, interview skills courses or other related services.

Don’t let your application let you down. With our CV and Covering Letter templates the best person has the best chance of getting the job – you!


As well as personal use, this package is also a great resource for providers of careers guidance and interview skills training courses.

  • Why wait for a vacancy to be advertised? Take the initiative and send a speculative letter that’s sure to get you noticed by the powers that be. You’ll be on the headhunter’s hit list in no time.
  • You have the skills; now learn how to show them in their best light. Apply for same industry positions with a professional covering letter showing why you’d be the perfect fit.
  • Learn how to reply to a job advert and have the best possible chance of success. Impress with a great covering letter and ensure that your job application stands out from the rest.
  • Replying to a recruitment agency ad is a specific skill. Show that you’re well worth putting forward for the job with a covering letter that blows the rest of the ‘yes’ pile off of the table.
  • Get yourself noticed even when your skills need to be condensed to a basic profile with this easy to use example.
  • This standard blank CV template can be edited time and time again to suit the situation that you’re applying for. It will clear up any layout confusion and ensure that your CV is formatted correctly so that it represents you in your best possible light.
  • This example makes putting together the perfect, professional-standard CV a simple and stress-free task.


  • Improve the chances of achieving your career goals, whether you’re just starting out, switching jobs or going for that big promotion.
  • Take control of your job search – this package makes it easy to be proactive in finding the perfect position.
  • Save time on the job application process, with this simple, easy to use toolkit.
  • CV and Covering Letter templates can be edited and used an unlimited amount of times – the package gives you all you need for every job-seeking situation.
  • Simple downloadable word documents which can be used by anyone with basic computer skills.
  • Fully inclusive price. Pay once and have the tools you need for stress-free job applications for life.
  • A useful resource for interview skills training and other careers guidance services.
  • Cut the confusion about CV and Covering Letter layout.
  • Tailor your applications to suit each situation perfectly.
  • Make sure that your job applications are professional quality and stand out among the rest.
  • Get a genuine headstart in a competitive jobs market – ensure that you get that interview!
  • First impressions count! Make sure that the very first impression you make on any potential employer is the right one.

Invest in this CV and Covering Letter writing course and you’ll have all the tools you need to sell yourself to future employers.

In this package you will have access to ALL the below downloadable word files:

  • Covering Letter: Speculative
  • Covering Letter: Same industry
  • Covering Letter: Reply to advert
  • Covering Letter: Recruitment agency ad
  • CV Templates: Basic profile example
  • CV Template: Standard blank
  • CV Template: Example

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