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Learn how to carry out a standard risk assessment in the workplace by enrolling on this insightful entry level course that provides students with essential knowledge of health and safety best practices.

Discover which working practices carry a recognised risk of harm including working with electricity, gas, machinery, working at height and working with hazardous substances. Learn how to identify potential risks and hazards in the workplace, and gain knowledge of health and safety best practice that can be applied in order to help create a safer working environment for all those working within an organisation.

This entry-level course is a perfect training option for those who perform and/or assist in the task of carrying out a risk assessment in their place of work. It’s also ideal for those who work in a supervisory or managerial position and wish to increase their awareness of health and safety best practice, in order to protect staff members and promote a safer working environment.

Students who enrol on this course have the reassurance of knowing that they are being taught to the highest possible educational and industry standard. Students can also have the confidence of knowing that they do not complete the course in isolation. The process of learning is a far more fun and collaborative experience, online learning and networking platform and integrated social tools.

Key Learning Points

  • This entry-level awareness course provides students with a general, but nonetheless essential, understanding of how to carry out a risk assessment in the workplace in a safe and effective way.
  • It equips students with the ability to identify potential risks and safety hazards, and provides them with the skills to be able to implement appropriate risk control measures.

The course is aimed at:

  • It is an ideal training option for those working across a broad range of industries and sectors including construction, mechanics, sales, IT and manufacturing.
  • Employees whose jobs require them to provide input into the risk assessment process within a business/company/organisation.
  • Those looking to expand their existing knowledge base, enhance their current career prospects and/or boost their earning potential.
  • Employers/employees who wish to help promote a safer and more sustainable working environment by increasing their knowledge of health and safety and learning how this can be applied in a workplace context.

Upon successful completion of How to Carry Out a Risk Assessment, students can:

  • Understand what a risk assessment is.
  • Be able to carry out simple risk assessments in their own place of work.
  • Identify any potential risk and hazards in the workplace.
  • Identify who may be at risk.
  • Ascertain what risk control measures are already in place and decide whether further measures should be implemented.
  • Provide constructive input into the risk assessment process including what precautionary and protective measures should be implemented in order to reduce risks and help prevent accident or injury from occurring.
  • Ensure that all potential risks have been properly assessed and that the appropriate risk control measures have been implemented to reduce these risks.

Advantages of this course

  • How to Carry Out a Risk Assessment is hosted on our unique Learning Management System, which is compatible with all the latest browsers, and optimised to provide a fast and succinct user experience.
  • Flexible and accessible so students are able to work where and when they like and at a speed that suits them.
  • Take advantage of online learning and networking platform, which allows students to swap ideas, share information and/or simply connect with fellow students.
  • Varied multimedia course content and quizware that’s designed to appeal to any kind of learning style.
  • Monitor progress throughout duration of the course: access test scores and exam results.
  • Cost-effective online learning solution: students can save on travel expenses, accommodation and lost earnings.


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