How To Professionally Record Music


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Do you dream of making your own music? Whether you’ve got the desire to be a top DJ, want to send your music to gig bookers or catch the attention of a big music boss, this course will give you the means to make your own professional recordings with ease and confidence.

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to professionally record music. Through four modules crammed with interesting and clear video content, shot in an actual recording studio, you’ll follow the process of recording music, stage by stage. Expect to learn how to mix, edit and master the final song, and be ready to start making music on completion of this course!

Is This Course For Me?

If you’ve got a love of singing, songwriting, DJ-ing or just love music in general, you’re sure to appreciate having the means to professionally record music. Your creations can be used to showcase your talents to book gigs or maybe even get your big break in the music business. You might also be interested in recording other artists as a career – in which case this course will give you a fantastic knowledge of the process to get you off to a flying start.


Complete nearly seven hours of video-course content to become confident in how to professionally record music.

  • Start with an introduction.
  • Follow with two-part looks at both microphones and patching.
  • Learn about tracking with tape, setting up your digital audio workstation and gobos.
  • Watch an interview with American musician and composer Mike Johnson.
  • Watch two videos on getting drum tones.
  • Study recording, grouping tracks and tracking and editing.
  • Continue on to recording guitar, sound effects and keyboard.
  • Look at recording vocals, including vocal sound effects, harmonies and balancing vocal tones.
  • Complete a module on mixing, including drums and bass.
  • Follow with a two-part look at mastering and a mixing re-cap.
  • End the course with the finished song.


  • Fit the course content around your other commitments.
  • Learn wherever you have internet access.
  • An ideal course for both those looking to start a career in the music business, and those who want to record music as a hobby.
  • Learn how to record your own music to send to venues, managers and music bosses.
  • Filmed in an actual recording studio, this course takes you through the stages of recording a song from start to finish.
  • Connect with your fellow learners and track progress with a points system.
  • Technical support available if needed.
  • Recording Intro
  • History of Recording
  • Cables and basics
  • Intro to Microphones
  • Sound and theory
  • Microphone Placement basics
  • Advanced Miking Techniques
  • Patch Bays and Routing
  • Pre Amps/Compressors/EQ’s Oh My!
  • Setting Levels/Gain Staging
  • Monitor Mixes
  • Grid Setup/Staying Organized in Session
  • Tracking
  • Play listing
  • Punch Ins
  • Editing
  • Advanced Editing
  • Double Tracking and Layering
  • Vocal Recording
  • Prepping for the Mix
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Ways to be profitable

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