Interior Plant Care Diploma

$ 254.96

Interior Plant Care Diploma

$ 254.96

Indoor plants add color, texture and warmth to the home or office. They allow year round access to gardening and can even improve air quality.

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Look after those plants in the home or office to ensure they grow and produce the best effect for your surroundings. Have colour, warmth and improved quality of air in your home or office all year round, by signing up for this exciting course and gain all the skills and know-how to keep your indoor plants blossoming.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

This fun-filled, self-paced programme is organised into 6 easy-to-digest modules; therefore, you will find learning is enjoyable and easy to fit around your existing commitments. Even better,.


This course will teach you how a little preparation and some simple care techniques can keep your plants thriving for longer.

  • Recognise the different plant names and their divisions.
  • Identify the main plant phyla.
  • Understand the requirement for maintaining indoor plants.
  • Identify the types of pots and soils to use to maintain plant nutrition.
  • Recognise characteristics of plant health.
  • Understand the environmental factors that contribute to the health of plants.
  • Understand how plants propagate.
  • Identify the equipment and materials required for propagation.
  • Understand the factors affecting the rooting of cuttings.
  • Recognise commonly grown foliage plants.
  • Recognise common problems with Palms.
  • Identify the best palms for indoors.
  • Identify the most popular flowering indoor plants.
  • Recognise the pests and diseases that can affect indoor plants.
  • Discover the variety of plants that can be grown indoors.
  • Identify the herbs that can be grown indoors.
  • Understand the best type of container to use when planting.


  • No pre-requisite.
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere
  • Gain essential knowledge to keeping your indoor plants budding for longer.
  • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge.
  • Gain a endorsed Diploma for your portfolio.
  • Culture
  • Plant identification
  • Propagation
  • Varieties
  • Foliage plants
  • Containers
  • Flowering plants


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