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Learn how to write interesting, engaging and magical stories that children will love. Whether you haven’t written a story since school days or you’re an experienced writer looking for information and guidance, this course will develop your writing skills and encourage you to produce wonderful children’s stories. The course contains simple to understand explanations of the writing techniques used by famous and successful children’s authors.

Specially written sample texts will illustrate the points discussed and writing templates and prompts will guide students to develop their skills. The course has been written by Alison Mott, a writer with over 20 years experience of teaching creative writing, and is packed with insights and advice specifically for those who want to write for children.

The course is endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable body committed to reducing illiteracy. Higher literacy levels enable people to overcome barriers of poverty and disease and reach their full potential.

We use only the world’s finest instructors who have a minimum of 15 years real world experience and are experts in their fields. Unlike a live class you can fast-forward, repeat or rewind your lectures, enabling you to fully understand each topic before moving on. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefits of hands on training with the flexibility of fitting it in around your busy schedule.

Key Learning Points

Writing for children and young adults is a highly specialised field and to be successful in this field certain skills are necessary. Focus areas of this course include:

  1. Introduction to writing for children – This section offers ideas and techniques on how to create a writing environment and establish routines, how to prepare and plan for writing, tips for avoiding procrastination and how to believe in yourself as a writer. It also looks at the importance of understanding modern children and what they like to read, and provides information on the reading interests and abilities of different age groups.
  2. Characters, plotting and structure – Learn how to create interesting, well-rounded and believable characters and examine the theories related to story structure and creating great plots.
  3. Dialogue and a satisfying ending – Explore the use of dialogue, raising and answering reader questions, story themes and how to end a story.
  4. Editing, publishing and reading as a writer – This section examines the importance of editing your work and how to submit the finished product to publishers and agents. It also covers the importance of reading the work of other writers and how this will develop your own writing.

Advantage of this course

By the end of the course you will have a thorough grounding in the techniques and skills necessary to write a fantastic children’s book, as well as confidence in yourself as a writer. The course will explain the terminology used in the writing and publishing industry and demystify the topic of writing for young people. Other course benefits include:

  • Understand what young readers expect from the books they read
  • Build effective characters, plot and settings
  • Strengthen belief, and build confidence in yourself as a writer
  • Get grips on the steps you need to get your work published
  • Acquire quotes and tips from children book writes and industry experts
  • Learn the concept, format and content requirements of texts for children of different ages.

Whether you haven’t written a story since you were a child yourself, or you’re an experienced writer looking for advice and guidance, this course is for you. Get started now and write charmed stories for kids.


The first unit of the course discusses mastering the skill of writing through willingness to have a go, keeping at it and lots of practice.

Developing you the writer

This section offers ideas and techniques on how to create a writing environment and establish writing routines, how to plan and prepare for writing, tips for avoiding procrastination and how to believe in yourself as a writer. It discusses the benefits of becoming involved in a wider network of writers.

Writing for children

This section of the course deals with the importance of understanding modern children and what they like to read. It gives information on the reading interests and abilities of different age groups, on subjects to be avoided in childrens books and on potential markets for the childrens writer.

Creating convincing characters

This unit looks at different ways to create interesting, well-rounded characters and techniques for revealing character details which show rather than tell the reader. It suggests ways to use questions to prompt ideas and discusses the importance of character conflict.

Plotting and structure

The fifth section of the course gives an overview of some of the theories relating to story structure and a detailed description of each segment of the heros journey. There is also the opportunity to plan a story following this format.

Writing effective openings

This part of the course deals with tips and techniques for writing story openings which grab the readers attention, how to include the storys theme into the opening and how and when to establish the point of view the story is being told from. Getting the right level of description is also discussed, along with what can happen if you get it wrong.

The bit in the middle

The seventh unit gives an overview of the use of dialogue and other language features, how to make writing as sharp and effective as it can be, the importance of answering and raising reader questions as the story progresses and the necessity of revisiting the storys theme at regular intervals.


This section shares information on how to craft a satisfying ending which young readers will enjoy. It discusses aspects such as resolving the storys main conflict, returning one last time to the story theme and shares some story-ending dos and don’ts.

Editing and publishing your writing

This unit discusses the importance of editing work to be the best it can be, how to format and submit work and send it to publishers and agents, and how to cope with rejection so you can get your work back out there. It discusses the increasingly popular option of self-publishing and touches on the realities of earning a living as a writer.

Reading as a writer

This section of the course explains why, as a writer, you should read other writers books and suggests things to look out for which will help you develop your own writing.The course also includes a section of resource material to help guide you with your writing.

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