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Learn advanced food safety skills by completing the Level 2 Food Safety Awareness in Catering course, preparing for a career in catering or hospitality. Developed by food safety expert Dr Lisa Ackerley, this course provides all in-depth, practical training in working safely when handling food.

This course is an ideal training choice for:

  • Anyone working in a food-handling environment and who needs to learn advanced hygiene skills.
  • Level 1 certificate holders who need to upgrade their skills by learning more advanced food safety techniques.
  • Any employee involved in preparing and handling food.
  • Any individual wanting to learn the advanced hygiene skills required to secure a more senior job in the catering industry.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their food handling skills for use in the home.

The Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Online Course is composed of six modules that take students through the advanced techniques and principles of food hygiene. The training programme is delivered online using a combination of audio lectures and written course materials that allows students to work at their own pace, whenever and wherever is most convenient. Students can use the built-in interactive quizzes to assess their progress and ensure that they are properly understanding the course topics.

Every course provides learners with access to the built-in social networking platform, allowing them to share tips and advice with other learners, or to get additional guidance from their peers if they run into problems completing the practical exercises. The platform also allows managers to sign off on the progress of their employees, confirming that they are meeting the standards expected.

Key Learning Points

Building on the skills they would have acquired when studying for their Level 1 certificate, the course closely follows the standards laid out in the Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice – Catering Guide. It also closely mirrors the content used in the equivalent CIEH, RSPH and HABC courses.

Over the course of nine modules, students will be shown how to:

  • Identify and mitigate common food safety hazards, particularly those that result in food related illnesses.
  • The fundamentals of microbiology as they apply to food.
  • A introduction to the bacteria that causes outbreaks of food poisoning.
  • Implement food management systems that comply with legal requirements.
  • Applying contamination and temperature controls that prevent food poisoning.
  • The importance of food storage and stock controls to protect diners against food poisoning.
  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene in protecting customers from illness and infection.
  • Dealing with cleaning and waste in such a way that bacteria is carefully controlled.
  • Implementing pest control routines that further reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Building and maintaining a work environment that helps improve safety standards within the kitchen.

Once the course has been completed, learners will sit a short online test to assess their comprehension and confirm they have reached the standard required to attain the Level 2 certificate.

Advantages of this course

Over the course of just six modules, students will master the advanced principles required to prepare, store and handle food safely in line with current legislation. These practical skills can be applied immediately, helping learners:

  • Work more safely in a food preparation environment, and to reduce health risks to diners.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge and practical experience with a Level 2 food hygiene certificate.
  • Acquire transferrable skills that will help them secure a new, more senior role working in a kitchen.

The Level 2 Food Safety Awareness in Catering Online Course is an essential certification demonstrating food hygiene mastery. Upon completion of the course, learners will be fully prepared to run a kitchen safely, or to maintain the high standards required to protect customers against illness or infection.


  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Food Safety Hazards The Causes of Food Related Illness
  • Microbiology
  • Food Poisoning Bacteria
  • Legal Requirements and Food Safety Management Systems
  • Preventing Food Poisoning Contamination Controls
  • Preventing Food Poisoning Temperature Controls
  • Purchasing and Delivery
  • Food Storage and Stock Controls
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Waste
  • Pest Control
  • Food Premises & Equipment

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