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Gain the knowledge you need to become a qualified SQL Server database administrator through this official Microsoft Certified Systems Architect qualification. The MCSA SQL Server qualification is based around three exams and this online course prepares you to sit them all.

The SQL Server database administrator course is perfect for:

  • Database administrators who will build and manage SQL Server databases.
  • Database engineers responsible for implementing SQL Server databases.
  • System engineers and developers who want to improve their skills and earn a vendor approved qualification.

The MCSA SQL Server course is taught using instructor-led videos and self-study resources. As you progress, you can test your knowledge using flash cards and games to ensure you have grasped the essential concepts. As the course is online, you can access the content whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

You can also use the course’s in-built social networking platform to ask questions and share knowledge with fellow students.

Tutor Support

This course will enable you to master the theories behind SQL Server 2012 and acquire valuable practical skills. It also includes live chat tutor support, which is available 24/7 to help you through your training. This is aided by complementary email support which allows our experts to provide in-depth answers to more complex questions.

The human element that LiveTutor provides is key to a true blended learning solution. It takes the inhuman and impersonal elements of online learning and brings them to life!

The mentoring option allows you to have a more structured and guided experience while you study. If the prospect of undertaking a self-taught online course is daunting for you, but you wish to retain the flexibility that can’t be offered by a classroom taught course, then the best option is the mentor programme.


Training begins with the fundamental skills needed to access, manipulate and transform data stored in a SQL Server database. You will learn how to:

  • Use the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) scripting language to build efficient queries, stored procedures and views that return key information quickly.
  • How to combine datasets, rank results and extend tables programmatically using T-SQL.
  • Optimising T-SQL statements for the most efficient operation.
  • Extending reporting and data transfer capabilities using XML exports.

The second section of the course introduces you to the technology that supports Microsoft SQL Server. By learning about the deployment and configuration of the underlying database server, you will:

  • Be able to install and use add-on components, instances and services correctly.
  • Build high-availability systems using AlwaysOn, mirroring and replication to keep data online at all times.
  • Learn how to protect information from loss using database backup routines as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) strategy.
  • Discover how to secure data stored in SQL Server by configuring permissions, alerts, logins, roles and more.
  • Train in practical troubleshooting, maintenance and optimisation techniques.

The final section of the course takes you even deeper with Microsoft SQL Server by teaching you about enterprise deployment scenarios, like how to build Business Intelligence (BI) solutions:

  • Advanced data management techniques that keep information accurate like data cleansing techniques and using Extract Transform Load (ETL) package development and scheduling to provide data transfer and synchronisation services for enterprise-class system design.
  • Using SSIS to manage package execution, task execution and scripts, and to automate and simplify database management.
  • Maintaining server health using auditing, logging and event handling to assess and troubleshoot potential problems.


The MCSA SQL Server course provides:

  • All the training and resources needed to prepare for and pass the MCSA SQL Server exams.
  • The chance to develop real-world skills to complement database theory.
  • Professional tutor support to provide a human element to the course.
  • Improved knowledge, skills and employment prospects with Microsoft-approved course materials.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance knowledge that ensures SQL Server operates at optimum performance with maximum reliability.
  • Mastery of the techniques required to query and manipulate data using T-SQL.
  • The knowledge and experience required to construct, deploy and manage an advanced SQL Server data warehouse.

The MCSA SQL Server course is an essential step towards achieving the MCSA qualification. IT professionals who want to improve their database management skills will find the course invaluable.

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