Multimedia & Video Master – Online Training Course


Here you can make amazing 3D effects,learn from basic to advanced skills,create your own movie,customise existing movies and sound files,add interactive menus to your film,create soundtracks and voice overs and generate very professional results. You will cover a range of software, including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Encore and Soundbooth, to enable a complete learning profile .

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Grasp the opportunity to develop your computer-aided creativity and enrol on this course designed to help you learn some of the key skills that you will need to become a master of multimedia and video productions. Whether it’s learning to generate 3D effects, customising existing movies or adding interactive menus to your films, this course will ensure that you have all of the know-how you need to provide the very best, professional results

There’s a wealth of various aspects to the syllabus, which should take an average of 63.5 study hours to complete from beginning to end. You will cover a range of software, including Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Encore and Soundbooth, to enable a complete learning profile to be established within the field. Delivered solely online, and available for a full 12 months, the course package and its resources can be studied at your convenience, at a pace that suits you.

Key Learning Points

While this course appeals to individuals who wish to broaden their horizons and expand their digital design knowledge for work or study, it also appeals to individuals who enjoy multimedia and video design and production as a pastime. In either case, completion of this course will mean that you can prove your proficiency with the software, and be able to demonstrate – either to future employees or simply your friends and family – that you have what it takes to create professional-level videos.

  • Learn how to get the best out of Adobe After Effects CS5 and CS6 – a powerful animation and composition tool. Cover the basic features, as well as some of the newer additions to the application, including the Ray-traced 3D engine and the 3D camera tracker.
  • Learn how to use After Effects tools such as Roto Brush and Auto keyframes, as well as masks and the use of the text animation engine.
  • Learn how to create basic animations including the use of Puppet Tools and 3D animation techniques.
  • Gain insider knowledge from the professionals and work with the hints and techniques that you learn from them to personally create better results.
  • Immerse yourself in the new features of the latest Adobe Production Premium update. Learn how to merge clips in Premiere Pro, use the Warp Stabiliser in After Effects, export your work with Adobe Media Encoder and work with a Script-to-Story workflow.
  • Learn how to author DVDs, Blu-rays and Web DVDs with Adobe Encore, including the creation of menus, chapter markers and slideshows.
  • Learn how to create playlists, add subtitles and audio tracks using Encore.
  • Learn more about the Apple Final Cut Pro software, and cover the fundamentals of setting up and using the software’s key editing features.
  • Get to grips with Adobe Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro, and gain insight into the various effects and tools that are available within the application to give your finished video a professional flair. Learn more about the new features that are present in the recent updates, including some fun edits, Photomerge and the New Sequence Presets.
  • Learn how to use Audition CS6 and Soundbooth, including editing, mixing and restoring audio files and adding special effects to them.
  • Learn how to use SpeedGrade to correct both primary and secondary colours to aid in the enhancement of your productions.

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Advantages of this course

  • IT training courseware support, including training and keyword search facilities, to help you to navigate the courseware and learn more about how it works.
  • Improve your know how and build your confidence within digital design and production. Impress potential employees with a certificate to prove your accomplished knowledge.
  • A huge bundle of courses which will boost your software skill-set considerably.
  • A valuable package for students, professionals and hobbyists alike.
  • Interactive simulations and self-assessments to aid knowledge retention and to keep study as engaging as possible.

Master multimedia applications and build your competency in the subject by signing up to this comprehensive course bundle today!


After Effects CS6: Essentials

Description :

Learn Adobe After Effects CS6 from one of the After Effects greats. Brian Maffitt teaches you how to use and get the most from this powerful animation and compositing application. Brian shows you how to deliver professional cinematic visual effects and motion graphics, covering essentials features, new performance enhancements, and the coolest new tools including the Ray-traced 3D engine, 3D camera tracker, tips & tricks the pros use, and more.
Adobe After Effects CS5 Essentials

Description :

With Total Training for Adobe After Effects CS5 Essentials you’ll learn the basics from getting started setting up compositions and importing files, to more complex animations, masks, text, and even 3D! You will learn tips and tricks, as well as techniques that you can use to create your own compositions. After Effects is the standard in the industry for compositing and graphics animation – stay competitive and add this skill set to your knowledge.

Topics include :

  • Learn to create compositions, use Roto Brush and Auto Keyframes.
  • Discover how to use and interpolate masks.
  • Explore how to animate using the text animation engine.
  • Learn to use the parenting capabilities of After Effects.
  • Use the After Effects’ 3D engine.
Adobe After Effects CS4 Essentials

Description :

Total Training for Adobe After Effects CS4 Essentials introduces you to the wonderful world of motion graphics and the fundamentals of After Effects. After watching this training, you’ll know all about creating basic animations, text animation, tracking and stabilizing, basic keying and compositing, basic 3D animation. Plus, you’ll get an insiders view of some of the new features of After Effects CS4. Whether you are new to After Effects, or brushing up on a technique, this series is just what you need to get up to speed fast.

Topics include :

  • Learn animation basics including keyframing and interpolation.
  • Discover best practices for working with masks.
  • See how to use the Puppet Tools.
  • Get an introduction to working with the 3D Engine.
  • Learn about applying layer blending modes.
Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium What’s New

Description :

Total Training for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium: What’s New will introduce you to some of the key new features available in this latest update to Production Premium. Learn how to merge clips in Premiere Pro, use the Warp Stabilizer in After Effects, work with a Script-to-Story workflow, export using Adobe Media Encoder, animate with Repouss in After Effects and more. In this series you will learn how to streamline your production process with new tools for a more efficient and effective workflow. Quickly get up to speed on these skills and stay ahead of the curve with this latest version of Adobe’s Production Premium software.

Topics include :

  • Premiere Pro – Merge Clips.
  • After Effects – Warp Stabilizer.
  • Watch folders – Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Adobe Story.
  • Photoshop Repousee.
Adobe Encore CS6

Description :

Learn how to author DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and web DVDs using 64-bit Encore CS6 from Master Trainer Sean Casella. This series will cover all the basics and new features, teaching you the foundations of the interface, how to use the powerful authoring tools and the streamlined workflow between Encore and Premiere Pro, including integration with other CS6 applications.
Adobe Encore CS5

Description :

Total Training for Adobe Encore CS5 teaches you how to author DVDs like a professional. Learn to create menus, customizing them in Photoshop, add chapter markers, create slideshows and more. This series will also teach you how to create playlists, add subtitles and alternate audio tracks.

Topics include :

  • Learn how to author DVDs.
  • Discover how to create a slideshow.
  • Add Customized Menus to your DVDs.
  • Create playlists and add subtitles.
Adobe Encore CS4

Description :

Total Training for Encore CS4 is a quick essential look at creating a DVD workflow. You will learn step by step what you will need to get video burned onto a DVD and displayed on television screens. The series covers everything from importing file types, to building custom menus, and even exporting to flash. Whether you are new to Encore, or just brushing up on a technique, this series is just what you need to get up to speed fast.

Topics include :

  • Learn how to automate a chapter index.
  • Find out how to create your own custom menus and buttons.
  • Learn all about the Properties Panel, one of the best tools in the application.
  • See how easy adding subtitles can be.
  • Find out how to export your DVD to Flash.
Apple Final Cut Pro X

Description :

Discover the numerous ways Final Cut Studio’s flexible tools offer a wide range of solutions and configurations to enhance your productivity. Start by examining the pros and cons of both compressed (software only) and uncompressed (third party hardware enhanced) workflows. Presenter, Yan Shvalb, draws on his deep knowledge of non-linear editing, compositing, and high-end 3D animation software to help you yield high quality results in less time.

Topics include :

  • Examine the pros and cons of both compressed (software only) and uncompressed (third party hardware enhanced) workflows.
  • Discover how to optimize a workflow that meets your needs.
  • Learn how to use Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, and Compressor 2 effectively and professionally.
  • Understand how to set up a managed cluster using Qmaster to perform distributed services through Compressor; plus the ins and outs of using QuickTime and Automator.
Apple Final Cut Pro 7 Select Topics

Description :

Total Training for Apple Final Cut Pro 7: Select Topics is a collection of tutorials that address some of the fundamentals of setting up and using Apple Final Cut Pro 7. Presenter Kevin McAuliffe, who teaches Final Cut Studio at the Toronto Film College, will show you how you can get started using this powerful editing tool. The tutorials begin with setting up the install & troubleshooting common FCP7 problems. Then you’ll launch the application, get a brief overview of the interface, discover how to use Easy Setup, and review user preferences, system settings and the menus. Once you are up and running, you’ll move on to the basics of editing and working with effects. You’ll learn how to setup a new sequence, import clips, and work with a timeline, editing in the clips and linking them, reviewing the editing tools and keyboard shortcuts. You’ll also learn about adding motion effects, how to apply filters, the difference between real-time and non-real-time effects, how to add generators and work with text, and review Safe RT extreme. By the time you are done with these tutorials you will have fundamental understanding of how to get up and running, basic editing techniques, and how to add effects to your projects.

Topics include :

  • Set up and Install Your Final Cut Pro 7 Software.
  • Learn About Sequence Setups, Importing Clips & the Timeline.
  • Review the Editing Tools & Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Create Motion Effects and Apply Filters.
  • Learn to Work with Your Text.
Premiere Elements 10

Description :

With Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements 7, you’ll learn the workflow necessary to import, edit and export your video projects. This training will give you a good understanding of all the cool intuitive tools and easy-to-use effects available in Premiere Elements 7 that will give your video a professional polish. Watch and learn just how easy it is to produce great looking video projects to share with the world with Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements

Topics include :

  • Learn how to import video from a variety of sources.
  • Find out how to use InstantMovie to auto-create a project.
  • See how to add both static and motion graphics to your video projects.
  • Discover how to add a soundtrack to your movie.
  • Learn about the aesthetics of editing and how to edit clips on the timeline.
Adobe Premiere Elements 9 What’s New

Description :

Total Training for Premiere Elements 9: What’s New will introduce you to the key new features of this robust editing application. Presenter and veteran photographer Mike Gunter will start with an introduction to the new file types, then show you how to quickly and easily share your videos by posting them to Facebook or directly to the web as if they were a DVD. You’ll also discover how to use the NewBlue Cartoonr Plus Effect to make your video look like a cartoon. Finally, the audio lessons will teach you to edit your sound to give it a professional polish and how to use the NewBlue audio filters to fix and improve your audio quality.

Topics include :

  • Discover Fun Edits – Lomo Camera Edits, Out of Bounds, Perfect Portraits, Pop Art, and Reflection.
  • Learn how to use Layer masks.
  • Upload your photos to Facebook.
  • Use the Content aware spot healing brush.
  • Photomerge & Match Styles on your favorite photos.
Adobe Premiere Elements 8
  • Learn how to import and edit your video.
  • Find out how to create an InstantMovie.
  • See how to add special effects and fine-tune your sceneline.
  • Discover how to add a soundtrack and add sound effects and voice overs.
  • Learn about the various ways of delivering your media.
Premiere Pro CS6: Essentials

Description :

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is chock-full of new and robust features. In this series, taught by Adobe Education Leader Debbie Keller, you’ll discover why the 50 new enhancements to this software make this a must-know for video editors. You’ll quickly dive into the ins and outs of the revamped interface and tools, along with reviewing the outstanding new creative features that will help you deliver a professional-looking project that will “wow” your audience. By the time you have completed this training, you’ll be confident using Premiere Pro CS6 to create and output high-quality, polished videos.
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Essentials

Description :

With Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 you’ll learn how to edit to deliver your most professional productions–on time and on budget. See why this truly ground-breaking toolset makes it easier than ever for you to transform your video into compelling stories that will stand out ahead of your competition.

Topics include :

  • Learn how to create sequences.
  • Master capturing video from tape.
  • Add transitions & keyframes.
  • Discover how to export your work in the proper format.
  • Cover new features like the Speech to text workflow.
  • Expand native tapeless workflows (using the Media browser).
  • Explore the New Sequence Presets.
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essentials

Description :

Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Essentials will get you up and running fast as a well rounded editor. After watching this training, you will know all about the Premiere Pro interface, how to import various types of video and other media, plus how to edit your work, and polish your project with graphics. In addition, you’ll also learn how to fine tune audio with Premiere Pro’s array of audio tools and export your project to DVD or as a media file to be shared on the Internet. This training is just what you need to learn the fundamentals Premiere Pro CS4 fast!

Topics include :

  • Discover how to import media onto your drive to edit.
  • Find out how to orient yourself to the tools needed to edit video and audio.
  • Learn how to work with graphics to create titles.
  • Get and introduction to the basics of Animation.
  • Learn how to export your media to DVD and various video formats.
  • Explore the many output options including video to tape, disc, and web formats.
Audition CS6

Description :

Master Trainer Sean Casella will teach you how to use your Adobe Audition CS6 software for high-impact audio production. In this 3 hour series learn to edit, mix, restore and add amazing effects to your audio, as well as discover how to streamline your film, video or radio workflow. Build a solid foundation on your way to creating high-quality audio projects.
Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Description :

Adobe Soundbooth makes it easier than ever to cleanup and edit your audio. Dynamic link with Premiere Pro makes the process of going from Premiere Pro or After Effects to Soundbooth and back a simple task. You will learn all the ins and outs of audio editing and find out why this product will help you deliver the best quality audio in your next project. By the time you are done watching this series you will be comfortable with working on audio in Premiere and sending your audio to Soundbooth for further cleanup and editing. You’ll also be able to add effect to your audio and be comfortable with separating stereo channels into mono channels and using Multitrack editing as well as have confidence going to Resource Central and downloading scores and sound effects to use in your project. Finally, you’ll learn to export work to publish or use in applications.

Topics include :

  • Learn to Normalize Audio.
  • Discover the power of Adding Effects.
  • Become confident working with Multi track editing.
  • Use Resource Central like a Pro.
  • Export files for use in other applications and more.
Adobe Soundbooth CS4

Description :

The chapters provide you with a solid foundation for working with Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and show you how to prepare audio tracks for any situation, from sound effects to voice overs, from the studio to the stage! By the time you finished watching this training, you’ll have a good understanding of editing basics including creating simple trims and volume edits, and how to use the Match Volume control. You’ll also have a look at using effects, including the Graphic EQ effect and Advanced Dynamics effects, plus a handful of other techniques. The chapters close with valuable tips and techniques for optimizing your workflow when using Soundbooth.

Topics include :

  • Learn how to remove unwanted sounds from your audio.
  • Find out how to take control of wild volume swings.
  • See how to record and place voice overs.
  • Watch how to thicken sparse crowd noise.
  • Learn how to use Dynamics Processing for voice clarity.
Adobe SpeedGrade CC

Description :

The art of Color Grading is not just about correcting problems but about shaping the emotional impact of your work in such a way as to enhance your audience’s experience and engagement as they watch your productions. In this Total Training for Adobe SpeedGrade CC series you will learn the power of this somewhat neglected application in the Adobe CC suite which will put into your hands a great deal of power and control over your video content such that you can quickly and efficiently manipulate the content of your timeline to control and direct the impact of and engagement with your work.


  • Organizing your media and getting it into SpeedGrade
  • Primary Color Correction
  • Secondary Color Correction
  • Using masks inside SpeedGrade both to grade and to be creative
  • Exporting your timeline from SpeedGrade as a single item and as individual clips

Additional information

Course Access

1 year

Exam Included


Type of Course

Online Course


1 gigahertz (GHz)


1 GB

Operating System

iOS, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6 or above


Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows


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