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Discover how the magical science behind numbers can help you unlock your life path!

Study numerology to analyse the symbolism of numbers. This will help you to determine particular characteristics about a certain person including their personality, strengths, talents, inner needs and emotional reactions.

Often associated with astrology, numerology is the belief in the divine, mystical, and special relationship between numbers and events in the real world.

Numerology is not a new phenomenon. The relationship between numbers and coinciding events has been noted for thousands of years. Indeed, numerology’s history stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylonia.

Well-known mathematician Pythagoras, first formally organised the field about 2,6000 years ago in ancient Greece. Since its beginnings, numerology has constantly evolved, becoming the modern field of study that it is today.


This comprehensive course will enlighten you, educate you and open your mind to the power of numbers, and the huge influence that numbers have on life!

Once you have completed this programme you will:

  • Understand the fundamental principle of Numerology
  • Explain the history of Numerology and how it was used in Ancient times
  • Understand simply how a name can be calculated into a birth Number
  • Understand the astrological characteristics of numbers
  • Give a detailed explanation of the astrological characteristics of numbers
  • Understand how dominant numbers in a persons name can define personalities and traits
  • Understand the science behind Numerology
  • Understand that Numerology can be employed for the purpose of Divination
  • Learn how the theory can highlight Lucky and Unlucky days
  • Understand how to calculate a Vibratory Number
  • Discover how birth numbers can be used for guidance
  • Discover the branch of Numerology referred to as “Aritmancy”
  • Understand Fadic Numbers
  • Recognise how Fadic Numbers have been used to predict historical facts
  • Understand the purpose of a Vertical Sequence Number
  • Study the use of progressive and recurrent charts for establishing sequences
  • Understand the role of Numerology today and for future predictions


  • Knowledge from this course can help you decode your own destiny and perhaps even that of family and friends.
  • As a numerologist you can have the flexibility of managing your own client diary.
  • Greater self-awareness and understanding.
  • Forecast and plan your future.
  • Improve relationships.
  • It’s a fun hobby to learn and you don’t have to be good at maths to learn Numerology.
  • History and theory
  • Cabola of Pythagoras
  • The importance of number 9
  • The Fadic number
  • Numbers 1 to 8
  • The characteristics of numbers 1-9, 11 and 22
  • Vertical sequences and vibratory power of numbers
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