Private Investigating Diploma


If you have good intuition, an eye for detail and a unique charm then, with the knowledge gained from this course, you can take yourself into the realms of an extraordinary career. Acquire the skills and techniques to work behind the scenes, quietly and unobtrusively, to conduct investigations.


How would you like to see things that others don’t, and know things that others never will?

If you have good intuition, an eye for detail and a unique charm then, with the knowledge gained from this course, you can take yourself into the realms of an extraordinary career. Acquire the skills and techniques to work behind the scenes, quietly and unobtrusively, to conduct investigations.

Why should I enroll onto this course?

In just 8 easy-to-digest modules we bring this enjoyable and interesting programme to your home, making it flexible to fit around your existing commitments. The course promises to furnish you with investigative powers and skills to advance your business and private life.


The course will prepare you with all forms of information in a legal and moral manner, furthermore, equipping you with business know-how for setting up an agency and specialising in the field.

  • Understand the role and responsibility of a private investigator.
  • Understand the resources required to fulfil the role of a private detective.
  • Identify the professional organisations that may require the assistance of a private detective.
  • Learn the meaning of ‘theft’.
  • Understand the different forms of theft.
  • Understand different legal terminology used in investigation.
  • Understand what happens if a person handles stolen goods unknowingly.
  • Look at the kinds of tracing that an investigator may investigate.
  • Recognise the importance of P.A.C.E. and explain its significance to a Private Investigator.
  • Identify what information you would gather to trace a teenage runaway.
  • Discover how you would gather clues.
  • Learn how to structure questions to get the most information.
  • Discover the use of surveillance.
  • Understand the detail required to record accurate information.
  • Learn how to select the best place to position yourself.
  • Establish the importance of your own personal safety when observing.
  • Look at ways to detect infidelity.
  • Understand lawful inferences connected with using surveillance devices.
  • Identify the various types of electronic equipment that can support investigations.
  • Learn how to outline your conduct should you be required at court.
  • Identify the various items that may be repossessed.
  • Explain why an investigator should only work for a legal entity.
  • Explain the importance of treating the person whose property you are repossessing with respect.
  • Understand the basic procedure for repossession.
  • Learn the meaning of the term ‘ process serving’.
  • Look at the process of preparation for an asset assessment.
  • Understand the meaning of the terms:
    • Respondent
    • Defendant
    • Affidavit
  • Differentiate between interview and interrogation.
  • Discover how you would take a statement.
  • Explore how to start up a Private Investigation Agency.


  • No pre-requisite.
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere, which means you do not have to commute to study.
  • All you need is a desk and a telephone, plus the knowledge from this course.
  • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge.
  • Course completion certificate included.
  • Become your own boss and be in charge of your working day by learning valuable Business skills for setting up an agency.
  • Life as a private detective / investigator, tools of the trade, finding the right work
  • A first lesson in theft
  • Theft continued, robbery, handling stolen goods, bilking, criminal damage, burglary
  • The Police and Criminal Evidence Act
  • The Data Protection Act
  • Tracing
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Electronic equipment, polygraph calibrator (lie detector) counter espionage
  • Attending court
  • Repossession, process serving, statement taking, invoicing and other paperwork
  • Means reporting, vetting, interviewing and interrogation
  • Business skills for setting up an agency, skills of self-preservation, specialising

Additional information

Exams Included


Course Type

Online Course

Expiry Date After Purchase

1 year

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1 gigahertz (GHz)

RAM Required

1 GB

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iOS, Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6 or above


Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows


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