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Talk your way into your dream career with our exciting Speech Direct course that can help you gain the technique and the confidence to be the best public speaker you can be. Embrace your potential with this comprehensive course that can help you to hone your speaking skills and provide you with the confidence you need to shine.

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Talk your way into your dream career with our exciting Public Speaking for Success course that can help you gain the technique and the confidence to be the best public speaker you can be. Embrace your potential with this comprehensive course that can help you to hone your speaking skills and provide you with the confidence you need to shine.

Build your Speaking Technique

Public speaking can be a terrifying prospect for many people, whether that’s talking in front of a panel for an interview or marketing pitch, or it’s for a presentation that’s on a much larger scale. Anxiety is a natural feeling, but with this super course, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared for anything that may come your way!

Me, the Public Speaker

The video-based e-learning course is broken down into modules, which are split into parts that address various areas of ‘Me, the Public Speaker’, including ‘my fears’, ‘my purpose’, ‘my speech’, ‘my speaking’, ‘my audience’ and ‘my practical speaking’. Topic areas include speech structure, preparing a speech and speaking notes, using the body and the voice, and how to use PowerPoint and other visual tools. Upon completion, students will have gained essential know-how required to have the confidence, the belief and the ability to give a speech….a good one.

Key Learning Points

To sign up for this course, there is no need for prior experience of public speaking. This course would be perfect for any candidate who needs to brush up on their public speaking skills – either for a current job role where it’s needed to move forward along their career path, or as an essential skill required for an aspirational job role.

  • Recognise some of the fears associated with public speaking, and learn how you can begin to overcome them.
  • Define the purpose of a speech by analysing the objectives and how they can be achieved.
  • Understand the reason why structure is essential, and get to grips with the three-part structure – the beginning, the middle and the end – and how these parts can be optimised.
  • Learn how to create a speech, including the importance of revision, research and purpose.
  • Understand what signposting is, including explicit and implicit signposting, and why signposting speeches is required.
  • Learn more about language, vocabulary and humour that can be used to make a speech and how to create speaking notes and mind maps to help with the flow of a presentation.
  • Gain insight into how technology can be used in public speaking, including the use of tablets and reasons why PowerPoint presentations can fail.
  • Understand the importance of appearance, and how a speaker’s dress, and stance, can affect the audience’s perception and first impressions.
  • Learn how to use the body, including gestures and eye contact, as well as the voice, including pronunciation, pitch, pace and pause, to optimise how a speech is received.
  • Get to grips with how to build a rapport with the audience, and the dynamics of speech vs. conversation.
  • Learn about impromptu speaking and how it can be approached, including how being put on the spot needn’t be a cause for anxiety.
  • Use your new public speaking skills to effectively prepare, run and participate in meetings.

Advantage of this course

  • Study online with this flexible and convenient course delivery that ensures you can pick up and put down the material whenever you wish.
  • Access to the course is for a full 12 months, so plenty of time to work through the material at a pace that suits you.
  • Video-based learning ensures you can learn using visual cues as well as written information.
  • Downloadable e-book to accompany the course, which expands on the main points and includes free ‘speechnotelets’.
  • Record your own speech and upload it to the courseware for evaluation by professionals who will be able to provide you with personalised pointers and feedback.
  • Overcome your fears of public speaking and boost your confidence in the field.
  • Add an invaluable skill to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile and give yourself the best chance of success in future job roles, meetings, interviews, reviews and presentations.

Give yourself the best chance of success, and say goodbye to public speaking anxieties, by signing up to this in-depth course that will help you to gain the confidence and ability you need in next to no time.

Fear of Public Speaking
  • Recognition of public speaking fears
  • Analysis of fears
  • How to begin to overcome them
Purpose of the Speech
  • Defining the purpose of the speech
  • Writing the objectives
  • Targeting the outcome
  • Types of speech to achieve the objectives
  • Towards a speech framework
Speech Structure
  • Why a speech needs structure
  • The rule of threes
  • The three-part structure – the BLT Sandwich
  • Beginning/Middle/End
Beginning,Middle and End
  • The importance of the beginning and end of a speech
  • Making an impact
  • Examples of beginnings
  • Examples of endings
  • The makeup of the main section
  • The rule of threes – again
  • Supporting each point
  • Linking points
Preparing a Speech
  • Re-visit purpose
  • Determining the structure
  • Researching and choosing material
  • The writing frame
  • The importance of revisions – the three ‘R’s
  • What is signposting?
  • The need for signposting speeches
  • Explicit signposting
  • Implicit signposting
A Speech Analysed
  • An example speech delivered with on-screen analysis
Using The Language
  • Finding the correct language
  • Using vocabulary and word painting
  • Humour – to use or not to use?
Producing Speaking Notes
  • Different types of written note
  • How to write them
  • Mind maps
  • Speaking without notes
Using Tablet Computers
  • Introduction to use of tablet computers in public speaking
  • Demonstrations of software
  • First impressions
  • Dress and stance in front of an audience
Using The Body
  • Gestures – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Eye contact – its importance for rapport and confidence
  • To move or not to move, that is the question
Using The Voice
  • How the voice is produced
  • Controlling what your voice does
  • The need for practice
  • The 4 P’s:
    • Pronunciation
    • Pitch
    • Pace
    • Pause
Using Speaking Notes
  • How to use speaking notes
  • Demonstrations of correct and incorrect ways of using speaking notes
The Audience
  • Who is my audience?
  • The venue
  • The dynamics of Speech vs Conversation
  • Rapport with the audience
Death By PowerPoint
  • Why PowerPoint presentations fail
Towards Better Presentations
  • How to give a good presentation
  • Examples of best practice
Off-the-Cuff Stuff
  • Being put on the spot
  • The nature of impromptu speaking
  • How to approach impromptu speaking
Towards Effective Meetings
  • Using public speaking techniques to prepare and run effective meetings
  • Using public speaking techniques to participate in a meeting
Course Overview
  • Overview of the whole course
  • Uploading your speeches
  • Course credits

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