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Get to grips with some of the basic concepts that are required to become a successful teaching assistant, and make every day a positive school day for the kids you will support in class. Every child deserves to flourish, and a positive school environment, with teachers and teaching assistants that support, guide and care, can help a child to reach their full potential. With the help of a teaching assistant, a classroom can run like clockwork, and if you have a desire to work with children, you can be that all-important cog.

Two Valuable Courses in One Package

By signing up to this package, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of studying online, while also enjoying the freedom of completing two basic courses that can help you towards your dreams of becoming a TA. In addition to the ‘Cultural Awareness’ course, you’ll be able to study the ‘An Enabling Learning Environment’ course, which will all help to create a solid foundation on which to build your know-how and expertise.

Master the Basics

Range of engaging courses available, you can use this Teaching Assistant Basic package as a springboard, and continue your online learning journey to gain further valuable certifications that will look amazing on your CV. Give future employers a reason to hire you and let your value as a Teaching Assistant shine through!


As a basic package for budding Teaching Assistants, signup to this course would be ideal for anyone wishing to continue their journey towards being a professional TA. It would also be suitable for keyworkers already working within an Early Years or school setting, who wish to advance towards becoming a TA.

  • Gain valuable information on what it takes to be an effective Teaching Assistant. Learn all about how to best provide support and guidance for every child you work with, and get to grips with every aspect of the job, from the national curriculum to the legal responsibilities and policies of a school and its staff.
  • Recognise the importance of promoting independence and individuality, as well as what is required of a learning space if it is going to be a rich learning environment. With the ‘An Enabling Learning Environment’ module, you will learn how to create stimulating environments by introducing exciting activities and outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Appreciate the need for cultural awareness, in order to support diversity, equality and inclusion. Understand that everyone is different, and learn how to apply the concept that there is ‘no best culture, only different ones’ to your working environment.


  • Study whenever and wherever you like, and maintain a healthy life balance, thanks to our online courseware.
  • No deadlines to adhere to and no pressure – courseware is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and fully compatible with a range of devices and across multiple platforms and browsers.
  • Accessible for a full 12 months, giving you plenty of time to complete all aspects of the package.
  • Technical support is available should you need help using the courseware.
  • Create a solid foundation on which to build your teaching assistant dreams.
  • Boost your confidence and give any prospective employer a reason to hire you!
  • Course completion certificate once you have completed all the training.
  • Cache endorsed Certification is available upon completion of all courses within the package, certification fee is included.

Make a positive impact in the lives of many children, by becoming a vital part of any classroom; sign up to this course package today and you’ll be one step closer to that TA job!

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

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Online Course

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1 year

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  10. All our courses are accredited and designed by professionals in United Kingdom – They are all UK accredietd courses.


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