The Art of Travel Photography


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Take the best shot every time with this exclusive travel photography online course, that will help you to master various photography techniques that can be utilised on your adventures. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you point and click for fun, there’s a big difference between amateur and professional pictures, but with this course, even if you aren’t a pro, you can look like you are!

Manageable Modules Make Learning Fun

For many of us, being able to travel is a dream come true, even if it is just to pop across the border for a weekend away. Whether you’re heading off for a short haul city break, or you’re jetsetting around the world to some exotic location, the camera is normally one of the first things that is packed. By working through the six comprehensive modules in this fantastic course, you will be able to return home with photographs that will wow.

Cover Many Photography Bases

From choosing the best camera for your individual needs and preparing for your trip, to delving into composition, exposure and lighting, students will cover every aspect of photography that is specifically useful for travel shots. In addition, editing with Lightroom will also be covered, so that you can practise the post-production techniques that this highly rated software offers. By the time you have completed the course, there’s no doubt that you’ll be a better photographer!

Key learning points

This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to be able to take better pictures on their travels. With no prior experience required, it would suit hobby photographers or complete beginners who would like to hone their photography skills a little more.

  • Cover some of the photography basics that will be required, including choosing the right camera for your needs, ensuring you have the correct equipment packed, how to backup your photographs while travelling and some travel safety essentials.
  • Get to grips with some of the photography techniques that can be used to enhance your travel shots, including how to deal with manual settings, working with RAW, getting the right white balance, using the flash, journaling and using stabilisation methods such as tripods and monopods.
  • Learn how to create great portrait shots, from choosing the right background to taking fantastic candid photos.
  • Be creative with your travel photographs, by using natural light from sunsets and silhouettes.
  • Learn more about nature photography, landscapes and panoramas.
  • Gain insight on the concept of ‘depth of field’ and how this can be used effectively.
  • Learn how to gain a free trial copy of Adobe Lightroom – an industry-favoured photo editing program.
  • Work through some of the basic features of Adobe Lightroom, and learn how this editing software can be used to finish photographs like a pro, touching on subjects including enhancements, cropping, saturation and fixing exposure, red eye and bad white balance.

Advantages of this course

  • Study online when it is convenient to do so, thanks to the flexible courseware that can be picked up and put down whenever you wish.
  • Self-paced study means there are no deadlines to adhere to, and no pressure. Every student has lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back to the material whenever you need to.
  • Compatible with a range of platforms browsers, so you can learn on more than one of your devices if required.
  • Downloadable lessons mean you can study, even without access to the internet.
  • Enhance your photography skills and take the best possible pictures during your travels! They’ll make an incredible album upon your return!

Inspire others with your creative travel photography, by signing up to this exciting course today! Soon, your photographs will be the envy of every travel mag out there!

Course Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Instructor Introduction – Who am I?
  • How to get a free demo of Adobe Lightroom
Traveling Photographer Basics
  • Choosing the Right Camera
  • What to Pack: Equipment Check
  • Backing up your Photos while Traveling
  • Where to Travel: Examples
  • Travel Safety Basics
Photography Basics to Enhance your Travel Photos
  • Learning the Manual Settings
  • Dealing with Manual Settings
  • Working with RAW
  • Getting the Right White Balance
  • Stabilization – Tripods, Monopods, Or?
  • Using the Flash
  • Journaling
Portraits: Shooting Pictures of People
  • Choosing a Great Background
  • Be Candid
  • Photograph the Locals
Creative Travel Photo Tips
  • Creative Compositions – Samples
  • Sunsets & Silhouettes
  • All About Landscapes and Nature Photography
  • Depth of Field Explained
  • Panoramas
  • Taking the Road Untraveled(aka Thinking Outside the Box)
Editing Travel Photographs
  • Lightroom Basics
  • Lightroom Basics 2.0
  • Basic Lightroom Edits
  • Fixing the Exposure
  • Editing a Flash Photograph
  • When to Crop Wide
  • Creating a Silhouette
  • Enhancing Sunsets
  • Better Looking Landscapes
  • Playing with Saturation | Black and White Photography
  • Quick Edits
  • How to Create a Panorama in Photoshop
Course Wrap Up
  • Thank You | What’s Next?

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