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Become more productive with this three-part learning course designed to the take the mystery out of one of the world’s most popular document creation programs.We have partnered with world-famous brand ‘For Dummies®’ to develop a user-friendly online learning course to help people of any ability to develop advanced word processing skills with Microsoft Word 2010.

Now a leading tool for word processing in homes and workplaces all around the world, Word 2010 is a user friendly way of creating every kind of written document, and an integral part of everyday life in business. This course has been professionally crafted in the ‘For Dummies®’ style to be accessible to all, regardless of experience. Whether a total beginner or a confident user, learners will be able to greatly improve their writing and publishing with this comprehensive self-paced study course.

Take time learning the basics of navigating the program and understanding how it manages text, or skim through the early lessons to get to tutorials on laying out a page using columns and tables, and progress to advanced lessons using collaborative tools and editing functions. The later studies cover lesser-used aspects of the program, including the Stylesheet settings, which are easily mastered and a sure fire way to speed up administration and document creation.

By far the most popular part of this course according to past students is an emphasis on utilising the little-known tools and tricks to get better results from less effort. Enrolling in the Microsoft Word 2010 for Dummies course will give students everything they need to know to find their way around the document creation process easily and stress-free. Learn the tricks and shortcuts used by administration professionals to get things done the fast way, and see just how much time and energy can be saved.

Key Learning Points

Presented in the trusted ‘For Dummies®’ style, this course assumes no prior knowledge. Lessons are structured progressively, building from the very basics to an advanced understanding of Microsoft Word 2010. First timers won’t be left behind, and students with some experience of the software can fast-forward their learning, using the interactive assessment tasks to check their understanding.

Some of the topic covered are:

Basic Functions:

  • Understanding the menu ‘Ribbon’.
  • Basic formatting options; fonts, emphasis, alignment, size.
  • Setting the layout, margins and paper size.
  • Using the spelling and grammar checking tools.

Intermediate Functions:

  • Altering paragraph settings.
  • Using ‘Find & Replace’ to quickly update your work.
  • Inserting automatic text such as page numbers or the current date.
  • Using headers and footers.
  • Creating custom templates.

Advanced Functions:

  • Create sets of individualised letters and envelopes instantly using Mail Merge.
  • Inserting form fields.
  • Using the Styles bar for professional formatting.
  • Collaboration tools and editing markup.
  • Using the Outline View.

Students can test their knowledge and complete a number of structured exercises that help to build up practical skills at the same time. Be rewarded with a smoother, faster and friendlier word processing experience once Word 2010 has been mastered. This comprehensive unit gives students a step-by-step to becoming an expert.

Advantages of this course

  • Learn work-ready skills for administrative jobs and other computer-based employment.
  • Make sure all written work looks exactly how it was intended with almost no effort.
  • Gain all the skills required for MOS certification, the world’s most recognised qualification in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Become a computer expert at home or in the office.
  • Utilise the built-in research and referencing systems for academic study.
  • Develop confidence to tackle even the most complex word processing tasks.
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Improve efficiency using Microsoft Word 2010 at home or in the office.
  • Professional skills taught by professional educators.

The Microsoft Word 2010 Basic and Advanced for Dummies bundle is a cost effective option for individuals who want to master every aspect of the Microsoft Word word processing application without getting caught up in confusing technical jargon.

  • Starting a document and setting page size, margins, and orientation
  • Adding and formatting text and checking your spelling and gramma
  • Selecting text and moving, copying, or deleting it
  • Printing documents and envelopes and performing a mail merge
  • Formatting paragraphs and using styles and templates to enhance documents and save time
  • Creating bulleted or numbered lists and working with tables
  • Adding and editing photos and clip art
  • Supporting your document with footnotes, a table of contents, and indexes
  • Sharing work and tracking changes with multiple users
  • Tips and tricks to make you more productive

Additional information

Exams Included


Course Type

Online Course

Expiry Date After Purchase

1 year

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1 gigahertz

RAM Required

1 GB

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iOS, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8


Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6 or above


iPad, Mac, Windows

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